Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should NOT be Fighting For

Some wanker wrote an article about how all you young whiper snappers should fight for a 5 reforms.

For those (all) of you who can’t read more than a few lines (TL:DR) I’ll break it down for you.

He said:
GIVE ME FREE STUFF!!! Gimme gimme gimme! Take it away from other people and give it to ME! Because, fairness. Or something.

His 5 things he said you should fight for:

1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody

Um, no. You cannot guarantee work for everyone. It is impossible. You can’t guarantee everyone has a job because someone has to pay for it. I wonder if the original writer would pay for my job?

2. Social Security for All and Universal Basic Income

Sure, save you own money and you will have Social Security. Then he goes on to say that we should all have a basic income. WTF is this shit? He wants the gubment to give everyone a free income. You know what happens when you get money for free all the time? The value of that money becomes nothing. Then we need more money because our money doesn’t buy anything. Plus, where does that money come from? The government takes our money and gives it to someone else. Fine the gubment can take his money and give it to me.

3. Take back the Land

He says landlords blow and they don’t do anything to earn their money.

Give me a fucking break. Yes, there are many bad landlords but they are outnumbered by the good ones.

4. Make everything owned by everyone

Sure mother fucker, let me borrow your shit and keep it until I’m ready to give it back.

5. A Public bank

Um, they’re are many of these dumb ass. They are called Credit Unions


Now go get a job you lazy fucks!

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