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Nothing really and a lot. It’s been a tad more than 1 year since I posted to this domain and I’m working to change that.

I wanted to start weekly blogging this year. I started on Your Local Tech. It didn’t last long. I’m tired of writing about tech and only tech.

I thought about blogging more for Diesel Brew but you can only talk about Cold Brew Coffee so much.

I thought about making urafi.com into more of a positive thoughts blog instead of a negative. But nah.

I forgot I had this domain so I figured, why not blog here on lorennason.com. I can blog about anything I want. Tech, WordPress, Themes, Plugins, Coffee, affiliate links, make money online, loose money online, travel, weight loss (or gain), yoga, Vaping (e-cigs), Wood and Stone Turning, product deals, . Maybe I could get real crazy and drive traffic (or scare it off) with SEX stuff. HAHAHAHA.

Maybe I’ll just bore you with daily meals and exercise? Not sure I want to add that to the main feed. That might piss off the email subscribers with daily emails. What do you think?

The struggle with weight loss

On March 4th 2014 I weighed 240.
On Jan 30th 2015 I weighed 253.
I saw that number and said DAMN… i need to work harder at this.
I started walking 30min 3 times a week.
On Feb 28th 2015 I weighed 243
I stepped it up and averaged 30min 4 times a week.
Today I weighed 250

I need to become more disciplined.

The 4 hour body did great for me. I lost 25lbs from it with no exercise. If I go back to that and follow a simple plan and then add in the excercise I will loose more.

I’m not a Paleo devotee but I found this interesting. Paleo Meals to Go. Backpacking freeze-drid Paleo meals. Kind of reminds me of MRE’s but probably taste better.

Continental Paleo Pack - Buy 3 and SAVE! - Paleo Meal To Go


Speaking more on Paleo theme. These Paleo Protein bars from Julian Bakery look delicious.



I bought these SWEET bluetooth headphones for a smokin price of $77 bucks delivered on a Sunday. How so cheap? Amazon warehouse deals. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones – Midnight Black. You should remember always to check the used listings for products on Amazon and pickup warehouse deals as they are most likely “seconds” with minor blemishes. The ones I got you couldn’t tell anything was wrong.



Of course I installed a new theme to get rebooted here. I’m running Modern Studio Pro Theme by StudioPress. I’m already thinking I might have to make some minor tweaks.

I really think blogging here will be my ultimate solution. I can talk about anything I want here and don’t have to segment myself into certain topics.

Some of the links in all posts may be affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you end up purchasing their product or service. You will never pay more by using my link compared to what you would pay if you went directly to their website; in fact you may receive an exclusive discount. And it helps me keep the site running!

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  1. pinche on March 31, 2015 at 5:34 am

    in regards to keeping the beast under controll:
    High protein diet, about 2K calories
    six meals a day, balanced
    daily cardio, 40 minutes but 50 is better
    weekends off
    give your body about one week or so to kick start burning fat.
    if you stick to it and add weight training four times a week, guaranteed one pound a day.. worked for me
    now the challenge is keeping the intake of calories down 🙁
    That’s all I got to say about that…

    • Loren Nason on March 31, 2015 at 7:17 am

      I’m going to start using the Lose It! app to track calories. I know I’m not too high 4-5 days as week and I eat a high protein diet.

      I’ll increase to 40-50 minutes a day walks

      Thanks dude!

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