Diet, Exercise and Vibram Five Fingers Funk

It’s been 20 days since I started to post semi regularly and trying to keep track of my diet and exercise. My daily diet hasn’t changed much since I started posting. I’m working on getting better at updating the Lose It app to track calories. I seem to forget about it Fri-Sun.

Average Daily calorie intake

Mon – Thurs = Approx 1800 along
After exercise it’s approx 1500

Fri – Sunday = I would say it’s roughly still around the same amount. But sometimes it’s over the top

Weekly Exercise

Mon = Sometimes a walk
Tues & Thurs = Brisk 3 mile walk approx 40min
Wed & Fri = Nothing
Weekend = At least 1 Brisk 3 mile walk

I’ve been starting to add a slow run into my walks and i’m getting farther distance with each run.


Over the last 20 days my weight has swung from 250 down to 246 and today settles this evening at 248.8
I expected more loss. WTF!

What am I going to do now?

I’m not sure my diet is the major problem. My diet isn’t perfect but overall I think my calorie count is not that high for my height/weight.

I’m not getting enough exercise and I really need to add in some weight training of some sort. I’m going to start with the basic 7 minute work out every day and still keep my 3 day a week 3 mile walks.

I started thinking about this after my friend Oscar linked this article How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on marketing). The article is about a guy who made a 7-minute workout app. It’s a great article.

This article at the NY Times has some good explanation about the 7 minute workout. Here is an update that has kicks it up a notch The Advanced 7-minute workout

I’m not going to use the app. Instead I’m going to stream a YouTube video like this one to the TV.

My Vibram Five Finger shoes

I bought a pair last summer. I only wore them as casual shoes but starting to wear there more and even during my walks now.

I started wearing them on my walks last saturday when I was trying to figure out why I would get a nasty calf cramp after a brisk 2 mile walk.

After I started wearing them on my walks I can walk the same speed and add a little run and i don’t get this nasty cramp. I think my shoes are the problem.

The problem with wearing my Vibrams so much is they STINK REALLY BAD.

How I’m going to solve the Vibram Stank.

First I’m going to try OxyClean solution tonight after reading this post.

Stinky FiveFingers? Why? And How to Prevent It.

Then to help give the shoes a rest I will buy another pair. I like the look of these casual colors are Navy/Grey and Khaki. Not sure which color to get. I think the Navy-Grey but concerned on how “blue-ish” they will be.


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  1. […] I’m working on changing up my workouts to keep me from getting bored. This past Sunday I went for my second trek to Gilman Peak in Chino Hills. The first time I went I had major cramps in my inner thigh and calves. I think this was mainly due to my shoes. The second trip I wore my Vibram Five Fingers and had no pain/cramping. I am finding though I need to start wearing socks with my Vibrams. I have sweaty feet and this doesn’t work well with Vibrams. I’m going to buy some Injinji’s this week. Plus this should help with the Finger Funk […]

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