Food Babe, Science Babe, California Drought and Trains

This week a Gawker Columnist destroyed the Food Babe. It’s a pretty epic article detailing how the Food Babe is Full of Shit.

The Food Babe responded

I don’t believe the Food Babe at all. She reminds me of the same sort of crazy ala Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vax bullshit.

California will become then next dust bowl?

California is in a serious drought. I don’t deny that at all. What is crazy is what some people want to do. I’m hearing it all from mandatory fines for taking long showers (really that’s just a phrase for using too much water in the house). Some people are saying would should ban almond farms or even beef farms.

All in all yes, we need to figure out how to reduce water usage. But going all crazy and talking mandatory fines or shutting down certain agriculture isn’t the answer. Maybe simple supply/demand pricing for water might be a good first step.

Why Almond growers are not the enemy – LA Times

Maybe instead of spending untold billions on a slow speed train to nowhere we could instead build a desalinization plant?

Speaking of trains here is a video of a track laying machine. It’s fun to watch and kind of mesmerizing.

And if we become a dust bowl our kids can sing how they are all dust bowl children.

Diet Stuff

Starting to feel better today
I was out of eggs so I had a roast beef sammich for breakfast
Lunch was beef burrito from Del Taco x2
Dinner was Chicken/Veggie bowl from Flame Broiler
30min 2 mile walk this evening


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