Happy Easter and Spring Break

Yesterday was Easter and this week is spring break for the boy. I didn’t do any exercise yesterday or today. I’m still not feeling all to hot. It’s a minor head cold with a scratchy throat.

I did run around a little today passing out samples of Diesel Brew and visited a clients office to finalize some tech work.

We and the the boy did run over to Knott’s for a couple hours. Ugh we hate lines.

How do you disassemble/decommission a nuclear submarine?

Read it here at BBC

The Soviets turned the Kara Sea into “an aquarium of radioactive junk” says Norway’s Bellona Foundation, an environmental watchdog based in Oslo. The seabed is littered with some 17,000 naval radioactive waste containers, 16 nuclear reactors and five complete nuclear submarines – one has both its reactors still fully fueled.




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