I want to Live on the Road for a Couple Years

I need to stop reading stories like these -> Lessons Learned from a year Living in a Van

There are many things that have held me back from doing this.

  • The wife doesn’t really want to do it
  • My main income sorta ties me to my current location
  • The young child starts 6th grade
    He’s liked the idea before but not so sure now

The real thing I need to ask myself is WHY? Why do I want to get away? Am I trying to get away from my “life” or is it a mid-life thing? I think it’s a more of a mid-life thing. But really I think I just need a short break.

So I’m planning on roughly April 8th to take a short road trip to the Grand Canyon. And on the way back see about finding a couple hot springs on the way back. It might work out perfect because the wife’s job is slow and might not have work for her.

I think I have a head cold right now. Post nasal drip, achy neck/ears/nose/etc

Diet results
I don’t feel like getting up to look at the results for yesterday.
I do remember I stuck to the diet mostly.
Dinner was a little heavy as it was a Chicken Rice bowl from Yasai with half of a California Roll. Lot’s of rice and it was a gut bomb.

I didn’t go for my walk yesterday
I didn’t go for my walk today
I jump on the scale and it said 251.4 WTF!
It said on thursday i was 247
I need to remember that even though I am weighing daily to not freak out on the daily swings.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday with the family. It’s gonna be a smorgasbord of food. If I’m feeling better I’ll go for a walk in the evening.


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