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I was looking at new advertisers on Share-a-Sale (one of the affiliate networks I belong to) and I found this interesting item. BioAntler


What’s amazing/surprising to me as this isn’t something new.

Deer antler spray has been a highly debated topic in the sports community, as many athletes have had their name linked to the performance enhancing spray. If you are not familiar with deer antler spray – it is a concentrated form of deer antler velvet – the outer lining of a premature deer antler. It has been shown that the deer velvet helps boost IGF-1. Insulin growth factor one, or simply known as IGF-1 is a very powerful anabolic hormone in the human body. High levels of IGF-1 have been shown to elevate Human growth hormone as well. By taking an IGF-1 supplement athletes are able to get bigger, stronger, faster and dramatically improve their recovery time when rehabbing an injured tendon, ligament or muscle.

I don’t follow sports much at all so that explains why I haven’t heard of it.

Here are some sports links to info about players using it:

Is it Safe:

Who knows. I would bet in mild use it won’t kill you. But anything in excess will kill you. Even too much water can kill you (source).

This article at Men’s Health has some great info about it.

Should you buy it?

I’m not your mommy or doctor. Make your own choice and get it here -> BioAntler


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