Want to see how easy it is to attack WordPress?

In the last couple of weeks I have cleaned up a few infected/compromised WordPress installs. The main source of these infections have been outdated plugins. For the ones I’ve fixed the hack mainly appeared to be coming from older versions of Gravity Forms that hadn’t been updated.

I did notice that client sites with the outdated plugin but running on WP Engine Hosting were not affected at all.

While fixing the sites I ran across these presentations by Mark Montague

The first is an updated but significantly cut down version of a presentation he gave at WordPress Ann Arbor in January 2014.


First version


What should you learn from this?

  • Attackers don’t attack your site personally (for the most part)
  • They do this to send out spam with your site (mostly)
  • They do it because it’s easy
  • Update, Update, Update!
  • Use better hosting like WP Engine to prevent hacks when you don’t update

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