Will you go see Mad Max Fury Road

When I first heard that a new Mad Max was being filmed I went and binge watch the first 3. I remembered that I didn’t like the first 2. It’s probably because the first Mad Max was released in 1979 and it was “old” when I first watched it.

Mad Max 2 was a “meh”

Mad Max – Beyond Thunderdome is fun to watch because it’s laughing at the 80’s movie genre.

If you said the last 3 were not even worth watching I would agree with you. Still I will see Mad Max – Fury Road just because of the cars.

Car and Driver just published 10 of vehicles with descriptions on each car. I think I should buy the War Rig as the Diesel Brew company vehicle. I’ll use the Gigahorse¬†as my daily driver.

Use the link above to Car and Driver to learn about the cars and what they are made from. See gallery below

Watch the trailer

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