How to Create an Assessment Quiz with Gravity Forms

Have you taken an assessment test? You know, the one where you answer a bunch of questions and then the test tells you if are capable, hot or not.

Have you wanted to build your own? Of course you have.

A client asked me to do the same. So I researched (googled it) and then figured out how to do it. So I thought I would share with you a tutorial and an example.

The Example:
Take the “Should You Build a WordPress site Yourself” assessment test.

How did I build this?

First I installed the awesome Gravity Forms plugin and then installed the Quiz add-on.

I created a new form and created a series of questions. Each question is required so the scoring will work as I want it to. I added a Name and Email field so I can send the participant their results along with some links to help them with their prospective score. Of course I will also add them to my mailing list if they confirm subscription to my list.


To score the test as an assessment instead of a pass/fail you need to use weighted answers for each of the answers for each question. Below you see how to enable this.


After creating the questions and weighting I had to plan out the 3 levels of assessment I wanted. I setup 3 different results. At the end of the test you are also redirected to a page that matches your assessment and then a matching email is sent.

To send the correct emails and redirect to the correct landing pages for each assessment level you need to use conditional logic for each confirmation and email. This isn’t programming. For each confirmation and notification I set a condition based on the quiz score total. I have 3 levels of scoring. Each score level has it’s own page and it’s own email sent. Scoring at time of this post:

  • Under 40
  • 41-70
  • Over 77



That is it

Try it yourself – Should You Build a WordPress site Yourself

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