Neptune’s Lagoon in Anaheim, CA

What do you do if you don’t have a hot tub / jacuzzi etc?

I have a community hot tub and it’s ok. I soaked in dirtier water. In fact the dirty water doesn’t bother me at all because of the chlorine. Years ago I spent 8 hours in a hot mud pool in Washington State in the middle of no where. It was great, but I smelled of sulfur for a day or so. I don’t think the rental car company liked me.

If you don’t have a hot tub at all or want something different than a typical american “spa” check out Neptune’s Lagoon in Anaheim, CA. Here you can rent a room with a hot tub and shower. Hang with your friends and drinks some beer or whatever.

The place looks like something out of the 80’s. But that is what makes it awesome. The water is clean. The place is clean and the owner is cool. It’s not a seedy place for hookers/etc.

Here is a great article from OC Weekly. Neptune’s Lagoon: Unfairly Trashed

Want to go? Let’s get a group of friends together and go hang out and drink some beers in a hot tub. If this is too much for you we can always hike out to Deep Creek Hot Springs

While writing this post I found this place called Beach Spa and it is a Korean type of spa. So I started down the internet rabbit hole and I found this article from 14 years ago at the LA Times on “how to Korean Spa”. Hmmm looks interesting.

Pics from Neptune’s Lagoon

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