Don’t forget your email subscribers

If you are planning on moving from a hosted site to a self hosted WordPress site, you to remember to move your subscribers over.

What Subscribers?

When you have a site/blog at readers has the ability to subscribe by email per-post and to you all your posts. These subscribers are found in the JetPack section of your site. See picture

Jetpack subscribers

Jetpack subscribers

When you move to a self hosted site you might forget about these. Do not fret as you can recover them and move them to your new sites location.

How do you move them?

Jetpack has this very helpful tutorial -> Subscription Migration Tool

First you need to install Jetpack plugin on your new self hosted site. After you install it you connect the plugin to your account.

Once you have done this you will follow the rest of the simple instructions and all your subscribers will move over to your site.

Need help? Contact me and I’ll help you for free on this specific issue.


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