The Big Secret in Tech Support

Nobody knows what they are doing, not even the experts.

I stumbled upon this article at PageLines – The Big Secret in Web Development(WordPress theme framework) about a talk by speaker Mickey Kay. Mickey had asked some Web Developers the question:

When coding what % of the time do you know exactly how to do something?

The answer = 42% (good number)

This is actually true in Tech Support as well.

When you call in or request a tech on site for support they only know what they are doing 42% of the time (good number again and totally made up).

Most people think that tech gurus are masters of all things tech. In reality tech moves so fast that nobody has the time to become an “expert” in any specific technology.

What techies are good at is finding solutions to problems from multiple sources. Experience is the largest source of solutions. But sometimes “fixing” a problem is a trial an error process of trying previous solutions along with googling the hell out the issue until finding the right steps to fix the problem.

The real magic of tech people is how we can read minds.

Not only do tech people have to be good at knowing how to fix or find solution to the problem we have to be good at reading minds, reading between the lines and little bit of tech whisperer for good measure. It takes a lot of practice to figure out what someone says “The thingy i click on doesn’t work”

Is your tech an idiot if he asks you questions?

No, he is just confirming his mind reading with pointed questions to confirm unspoken problem.

But really he is just curled up in a dark corner and needs someone to talk to



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