Releasing the Past through Forgiveness



Sometimes in life people will do you wrong. Sometimes these things will be so deep you will hold on to them forever. Holding on to that pain isn’t healthy IMO.

But why is it so difficult for us to release the pain of yesterday and move forward with our lives? It’s not as though we enjoy being stuck in painful memories. Rather, the longer we remain stuck in them, the more deeply they wound us. (ref)

Forgiveness is the path to releasing the past.

Forgiveness is such an important subject that I had to copy this paragraph because I can’t get the words out myself. When we hold something unforgiven inside, we are nurturing anger, hatred and resentment or maybe even guilt. These emotions lock us into the moment, continually reliving events, over time all this emotion can become suppressed into the subconscious, but they are still there, consuming our mental and life energy. Until we release ourselves from this cycle, it may prove impossible to move forward. 

It really does not matter what the issue was, whether slight or life-shatteringly traumatic. If you want to move on you must let it go. To do this we must forgive. To forgive someone does not mean that that you condone their behaviour simply that you forgive them, and release them. By releasing and forgiving them, you release yourself.

Prev 2 paragraphs from here Vital Affirmations – Forgiveness the whole post is great.

How the fuck do you forgive people from deep wounds they caused?

That is a damn good question. I don’t have the answers but I think the 2nd paragraph above helps some on direction. People think that forgiving someone means you condone their behavior, it just means you forgive them and release them. By releasing them you free yourself.

I feel like I practice forgiveness a lot and normally feel that I am a relatively happy person. I guess that means I forget a lot of things said/done to me.

For those looking for ways to I found a couple articles

I think I like these 2 below the best. I will be reading and re-reading these often.



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