Lies, Damned Lies and Social Media

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post. It’s a jumble of thoughts.

I’ve had a post like this on my mind for a couple of months since Sept 5th when I tried to go 30 days w/o Facebook. It’s pretty obvious I didn’t make it more than a few days. I haven’t put the FB app on my phone or tablet, but since I work 80% of my day in front of a screen it doesn’t matter as I have the website open.

I don’t have it open because I have F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) I have it open because for most of the day I am alone in my house “working” with occasional phone calls. I have it open because it’s a connection to the world around me just to see what other people are doing or talking about. It’s like working in a office with watercooler conversation (at least I tell myself that) but really it’s not. It’s a lie.

I saw the story of the Newport Beach guy who assaulted his Uber driver (not going to say name, he has enough bad press) and I honestly felt sorry for the guy. Even before his name was release and his company fired him. For him to get so drunk and then take his rage out on the driver he HAS to have some deep problems right now. I know how he feels.

What’s more fucked up is that he worked for an infamous Taco company as a mobile commerce and innovation exec and they FUCKING FIRED him. They “offered and encouraged” him to seek professional help. But FUCK YOU taco company for just kicking him to the fucking curb. This dude has snapped. With their fucking billions of dollars they could have given him a sabbatical and got a really good shrink to find out what’s wrong and really help him. Not kick him the fuck out and say sorry we can’t have you here. IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO HELP AND SHOW THEY FUCKING CARED THEY WOULD HELP HIM!

That’s the problem with the internet these days. Nobody really fucking cares unless it’s a happy picture they can like. And if it’s not a happy picture they everyone of us just piles on the hurt until the person is destroyed.

I heard about Essena Oneill quitting her “social media” career. I think her decision is great for her mental health.

I completely know how she feels and want to just quit it all. This is why I’m so condescending at times to people that ask me “how to do (insert platform here)” I really don’t give a shit sometimes. I have to give a shit sometimes because I make my living fixing/building computer/websites/networks/etc. If I didn’t make things work for people I would be living under a fucking bridge. Sometimes deciding to go live under a fucking bridge sounds like a better life.



Social Media let’s you PRETEND to tell people “you care” but really it’s just makes you feel better that you “helped” by making a comment/etc. But really it doesn’t do shit for anybody.

Watch the video above. Go outside. Go talk to people.

When I first got online (BBS dialup forums) I used it to meet people IRL. When I first started with Twitter I met new people. It seems though that now people think meeting someone is becoming a FB friend or swiping right on a picture.

Get away from the computer. Leave the phone in your pocket when you go to a bar/social gathering. Talk to people.

Yes, I am telling this to myself.

But it’s very hard to listen to myself when I make new business from “social media”. Which then goes back to figure out WHAT THE FUCK to do.

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