Jack of all Trades – Finding a Calling

I suffer a little from imposter syndrome and also from feeling like a “jack of all trades”. A lot of people say “If you are a Jack of All Trades, you are a Master of None.” This has stuck with me an bothered me at times.

I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

What I can do with with decent proficiency (even better if I have all the right tools)

I can rebuild a car engine (and have done it)
I can rebuild a automatic/manual transmission (hate it won’t do it again unless i have to)
Do a brake job.
Lay a brick wall.
Build an office network (small to decently large)
Build a computer (buy all the parts and assemble/install/etc)
Setup a WordPress website
Make a fairly custom WordPress website.
Fix a website (depending on the problem)
Migrate a website.
Make pens, rings and other nifty objects from wood and stone on my lathe.
Build a Christmas tree from car parts.
Damn good tech support guy (unless i’m cranking then i’ll be condescending)
Make a wicked Cold Brew Coffee – Diesel Brew
I can help you choose the right email marketing provider.
I can do almost anything if I put my mind to it and learn how to do it.

My friend Mendel posted this TED talk.

[ted id=2341]

Watching that video was great.

I’m a multipotenialite. Find out more from Emilie Wapnick at Puttylike.

What does this mean?

If there is a problem I can put my nose the grind  stone and figure out how to solve the problem with a decent proficiency. Or I’ll figure out I don’t want to do the work and be able to find the right person/company do the job for me. This means there is nothing wrong with being a generalist.

There is the danger with boredom for us MultiPotenialite’s. I’ve learned what I wanted to learn and then shrug my shoulders and say “next”.

Now, what to do for 2016. What should i spread my focus on. I know that I should just give up on other things just because I’m bored with them.

I will no longer pretend to be a specialist!

What question do you want me to answer for you? What do you want me to learn for you?

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