I Deprived My Senses and Floated

Sondra and I went to a float lounge to relax in a sensory deprivation tank.


The Place: Awaken Float Lounge

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. It sounded like something fun and also relaxing to do. Last year I went with my brother and a group of people to the Integratron in the desert north of Palm Springs and that was great. So for Christmas I asked for a gift certificate to a float lounge.  I was given a float certificate to Awaken Float Lounge and tonight I tried it.

At first I thought the name was kind of silly. But it didn’t matter what the name was, I wanted to go relax and be in absolute darkness and solitude.

The place was in a small retail location with ample parking. The inside was clean and inviting. We walked in and were greeted by the employee who gave us a tour and then explained the procedure. First you took a quick shower to remove any dirt/etc before getting in the tank.

There were two rooms. You closed the door and locked the door. Then you stripped down naked and quick shower. Dry your face and step into the tank. The tank was approximately 6′ wide and 8′ long and 7′ tall. It’s not a cocoon and you don’t feel trapped. At least I didn’t feel trapped. It took the Sondra a bit to relax but she did ok.

When you get in the thank there was a towel tied to the inside handle so you could let a little light in until you adjusted to your chamber. Then you pulled the towel in and the black silence enveloped you. Now you lay back in the water slowly and you immediately float with no effort. It was a surreal feeling.

The session was for 90 minutes. I would estimate it took me approx 20 min to start to relax and then after that all the stress and tension started to melt away. All my muscles and tendons started to unwind. The tension in my shoulders and arms floated away. I just floated in the ether melting all of lifes problems.

Once the tension lifted I tried different positions for my arms. By my side. Crossed on my chest. Behind my back. But then I found above my head out stretched was the best. The reclining bound angle pose was also a great tension release while floating.

After and hour I started to Awaken. I was awake as if I had 10 cups of coffee but with clarity not jittery. I didn’t make the whole 90 minutes because I was awake. I was ready to go. In fact I’m still ready to go and now it’s 3 hours later.

What would make the experience even better would be a big 20 foot diameter tank where you have ample room to float around.

I want to build my own Renew, Relax and Revive center. Who’s with me?

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