I Made a Lamp

I could call this a reclaimed wood, resin with LED lamp. But I really hate the “reclaimed” monicker. “Reclaimed” is just Bull Shit for “i got it from the trash pile”. It’s like putting Lipstick on a Pig. But I digress.

I made this lamp from a reclaimed piece of 4×4 from the shop.

I hollowed out the inside with a drill press and forstner bit. Then drilled a bunch of holes on all the sides.

The back area I used my Dremel and plunge router attachment to create a little shelf to hold a piece of curly maple to cover the back side.

All the holes are filled with Polyester Casting Resin from Michaels.

The lighting is a cheap’o LED strip from Amazon ($25)

If I make a new another one I’m going to use a TurboShaft from ArborTech:

This was a fun project and I will probably make another one. My neighbor wanted to buy it off me.

Here are some pics and video:

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  1. Oscar on March 1, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Looks awesome!
    I see an Etsy opportunity. 🙂

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