Amusement Park Prices are INSANE

This past Sunday I and my 13yr old went to Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA). We got to go on 10 total different rides and 2 of them we went on twice in span of 6-ish hours.

The park opened at 10:30. We left at 9am and we were parked by 10:30. It took 45 minutes to get through security (walk through metal detectors).

So now we get to our first ride of choice, X2 and find the wait is 2.5 hours …. WTF!!!!

I haven’t been to Six Flags in prob 20 years and this is the boy’s first time. I was expecting lines but shit not like that.

So I decide to splurge and go check out the Flash Pass.

HOLY F*******!

There are 3 price options

$40 > regular > reserve 1 ride while standing in line 3 hours at another ride

$75 > “GOLD” > cuts waits to times up to 50% (can’t ride x2, colosus, full throttle, I think)

$115> “Platinum” > cuts wait times up to 90% (add another $15 for 1 ride of X2)

I went All Out!

I paid the $115 per person + $15 per person to get X2

What we went on:
(Starred rides mean that only 1 ride was available for the day. Couldn’t go twice.)

  • *X2
    This was a cool ride, but not enough to do again and have to pay that much money. It was thrilling but it was over before i even knew it.
  • *Full Throttle
    Reminds me of Accelerator at Knott’s. It was cool and would do it again
  • Tatsu (x2)
    I loved this one. I would have gone on more times if we had time
  • Viper
    Meh. This was too rough and it hurt.
  • Goliath
    Awesome 255ft drop. Didn’t do it again but would
  • Scream
    Meh: Too rough and it hurt.
  • *Twisted Colossus 
    Awesome! Of course I had to try this because I’ve been on Colossus before it was Reborn in 2015
  • *Superman
  • Green Lantern (x2)
    This was pretty wicked and a unique layout for a ride.
  • *Revolution with VR by Samsung
    Mostly lame. The VR was ok but the Focus was off on my headset. If the focus was better would I do again? maybe


Lines were horrible, didn’t even try to eat. So we each had 2 icecream bars and a bag of chips and drank water at the fountains.

Overall Experience:

We had a good time. Bummed we couldn’t do Riddler’s Revenge as it was closed. There was not enough time in the day to do more rides.


For 2 people I spent close to $400. That made our cost per ride per person approx $17.00

Was it worth it? Mostly
Would I do it again this year? Hell no not for that cost

I’m just boggled at the prices of Amusement parks these days. More so the price for a regular ticket and have to wait in those lines.

It was nice splurging and basically having no wait for any ride. At first I wanted to say that it was not worth the cost, but the more I think about this it made the experience worth it. Maybe go again on a day with longer hours to really get more use out of the Flash Pass.

9 out of 10, would do it again (in a couple years)

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