Doing Laundry is a Necessary Evil – Does it Have to Be?

You’re busy and you don’t have time to do laundry.

What can you do?

Here is a fairly new company that will get your laundry done for you.

Laundrylicious was started by Marieke Hensel-van Der Graaf and she is also the founder of Branding Personality

I saw Marieke posting about this new venture and I was intrigued so I asked her some questions.

What does Laundrylicious do?

We pick up & deliver laundry for people from their house or office. We pick up 7 days a week from 7am-9pm. People can choose their own detergent and can easily book online. The laundry gets returned in 48 hours, and we also have same day service.

Why did you start Laundrylicious?

I got into this because I was over the fact of doing my own laundry. I had 4 kids at the time, and I never had enough time to do it all. I had a cleaner at home, but still spent hours & hours doing the laundry. I was so done with it that one day I posted my washer & dryer on craigslist and sold it for a good price. Then I went and tried out many fluff & folds, dry cleaners laundry service etc. The problem with this solution was I still had to bring it in, pick it up, or they never did a good job folding it and such.

When I finally found an okay-ish place I was so happy with the hours I didn’t have to spend on laundry, that I wanted more people to enjoy it and started promoting this.

That was last year, I had drivers, but we brought it to a wholesale plant. We still had to do a lot of hand holding and the quality was never the same.

Eventually one of my drivers said she could do a better job. We did a tested run one week and it was waaay better. After that week we brought some customers back to the old plant, and we received 4 complaints “what happened to the laundry this week?” so we knew we couldn’t go back, and started working with our new plant.

Where is Laundrylicious going?

We are now way over capacity and I am in the process of (hopefully) purchasing another plant.

What is the average cost for Laundrylicious to pick up my laundry?

A family of 4 typically pays $80-$100 per week, depending on the amount of laundry, and that depends on ages of kids, sports etc. Its probably about the same as a family would pay for a housekeeper.

Is Laundrylicious right for you?

If you have limited or no time, then yes.

Make Laundry Easy


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