What Not to do with Spinning Carbide Grinding Wheel of Death

I was shaping some wood with an angle grinder. Instead of holding the grinder and rubbing it on the wood needing to be shaped, I mounted the grinder in a vise and shaped the wood. I would rub the wood against the spinning wheel of flesh ripping terror.

Yes, I knew i shouldn’t do it. I knew I should wear some gloves. I had already used this method a few times. 3rd time was the charm.

Here is the wheel with some blood on it

Flesh Eating Spinning Wheel of Calamity

And this is my finger

I got a booboo

Went to Med+Post Urgent Care and the shoved in some foam thing the supposed to clot the wood and stop the bleeding. So far I might get lucky and not loose the tip of my finger.

It’s time to switch to a belt sander instead of a flesh grinder.

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