Do You Struggle with 30, 60, 90 Day Challenges?

Last year I decided to join a 90 day video blog challenge. I quit/stopped/failed at it. I failed because I had no goal in mind for any content or any direction. I quit because I got bored with it.

Do you struggle with long challenges?

Start smaller.

I started a new challenge for myself this week and it’s only seven days. I almost failed it today but I made it through day 3. Now almost 1/2 done

How do you get through a challenge?

  1. Pick a shorter challenge at first
  2. Find a challenge that brings you to a goal you want
  3. Make it a goal that is reasonable
  4. Turn off the TV
  5. Walk away from the computer
  6. Just do it

Is there more to this post?


Just get out there and challenge yourself

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