Tech is Boring

Why don’t I talk about how to fix tech stuff? 

Because I find the subject absolutely boring and uninspiring. I should be thankful for all those stupid people out there who still can’t figure out where they need to type a website address to go to it.

Today I had to remind someone that opening an email in outlook does NOT take them to a website.

Really, in this age you can’t figure out what type of program you need to use to visit a website?

I get that some people are not tech savvy. But using a computer day in a day out for your job (today’s idiot was a legal secretary) and have no idea that you use an internet browser such as Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari / whatever instead of an email program was pretty astounding. Well not really.

I expect people to know how to create a folder on their “desktop”

I expect people to have a basic understanding of how to use their computer. You cannot make the excuse that you don’t “understand” computers. You need to take responsibility for basic computer usage.

WordPress is still interesting

I enjoy fixing some WordPress things or telling people who to call when it is outside my area of knowledge that I care to know about. I build another site this weekend for my own experimentation purposes with a slight plan of what I will do with it and grow it.

Web development of any sort is still hard for most people to grasp.

I should be thankful that there will always be people out there who have no propensity to learn tech that need to pay me hard earned cash to fix their stupidity. I am most of the time but there are days like today that I am not.

What am I doing now?

I’m doing a few things outside of tech. And 1 WordPress project.

Is there anything cool in tech?



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