Are you a Patreon?

Have you become a Patreon?

I’m sure you’ve surfed around YouTube and watched a video here and there and maybe it was a tutorial type of video. Did you notice a lot of YouTubers are going the subscription model?

I was telling my friend last night who also wanted to start publishing tutorial DIY type videos and then get rich of the ads.  I told him that sure you can get paid from the ad revenue but it will take a while to get the eyeballs. So instead of just focusing on the ad revenue he should focus on free content goes to the “socials” and then direct his fans back to some sort of membership site where he can publish private videos for his viewers.

What is Patreon?

Patreon allows writers/bloggers/video bloggers/artists like you to get paid by running a membership business for your fans. This could be a great solution to those bloggers/youtubers/creators that have seen there ad revenue drop. Instead of getting paid on ads get paid for the content you produce.

Is Patreon the solution for you?

It could be. You can sign up and start publishing content right away and then collecting money. The hard part is getting your subscribers to commit to becoming a paying member.

Is it Free?

Sorry, there is nothing in life that is free (you can save money by learning to do things yourself)

Patreon takes 5% cut
Then you have estimated 3% cut for paypal/stripe fees
Then you have small fee for funds withdrawal ($0.25 – $1)

You will loose 8% of your earners. But you get benefit

What happens if Patreon goes out of business?

Well then you could be back again at square 1  and need to rebuild your “hub” where all your members go to get your content.

What are the alternatives?

The best option is always to make your own domain your digital home where you send all your fans/loyal customers. The next problem with that is you have to either pay someone to build out the site for you or learn to do it yourself.

If you want to go the build it yourself route, here are a couple of great free courses that can get you started in the right direction by Chris Lema.

Build a Membership Website with MemberPress and Beaver Builder

Build an Online Course with WooCommerce

After you watch those videos and you still want help then I will have a solution for you soon.

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