Get Started and Build a Website Later

Does it really matter?

Where should I sell my products? On Etsy, some other platform or my own website?

Yes, I know you know how to build your own website, install WooCommerce, setup payment gateway and be up and running in no time. But that is only the first battle. You need to get people to know about you fun little pine cones. Just because you are making these pine cones and selling them, nobody knows they exist.

Sometimes promoting/selling a product where there is already a built in community can be a good starting point. Don’t stress on building a website. Go to the place that has the community and selling tools built together.

Are you a video producer and make instructional videos? Go to Patreon and setup an account and then start putting up your content and then charging for access to the content. Making Pine Cones with Googly Eyes? Go to Etsy, create a store and create some listings. Want to create free content and get promotion of your brand/image/product/etc? Put it up on Youtube and then direct visitors to your spot that you want to them to buy/contact.

In the beginning it doesn’t really matter where you start building your “spot” to sell your wares, just get started and work it until you need to grow into the next step of having your own digital home.

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