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Over the weekend a horrible auto accident happened where there was 2 fatalities. The accident has also displaced 6 people from their home.

At approximately 11:30 pm a vehicle speeding in front of their home lost control, went air-born and careened straight into their living room and kitchen, smashing their home to smithereens. The large vehicle landed upside down in the living room, exactly where Daniel and his daughters Cameren and Reagan were watching television. Immediately after impact Daniel was able to locate both daughters and bring them out of the home safely. The ceiling in Shea’s bedroom was crushed as she was covered in debris. Cameren, Julian and Reagan’s grandmother Irene also lived in the home and together they had 3 small dogs. As rescue workers, the fire department rushed to the scene to rescue my family from this terrible accident, it was reported that the two people inside of the vehicle that was flipped over in the living room- sadly did NOT survive. The crash was fatal.

The Sorrentinos need help. Currently they are staying in a hotel provided by the Red Cross. If you can find it in your heart to donate whatever you can, even the smallest donation of $5.00 would help, a blanket, a sofa, some clothing, toiletries, cothing and shoes, giftcards, supplies for their pets… because they literally have NOTHING now and are essentially starting from square one. Any donation that you can make would go a very long way to help them with a deposit for a new place to live, some sneakers and clothing for the children and some furniture. ANY and ALL kindness is accepted, for one person to make a difference and change the world can be overwhelming but a tiny act kindness spread amongst many hearts can really sum up to something amazing!

There GoFundMe ->

Any small donations, toiletries, gift cards, can be dropped off at:

Lifestyle Cycles
1510 N State College Blvd,
Anaheim, CA 92806

I don’t know much about the vehicle passengers and if their family needs any help. My condolences go out to their extended family. It was a 38yr old man and 40yr old woman whom were engaged to be married. I do not know if they have any children.

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