Time Ticking in My Head – Not Enough Time to do Everything

I want to do many things, not just one thing.

We were having a chat a WordCamp OC 2017 and you said you would rather focus on one project and put all your time into it. Sometimes I wish I could be that way but I’m not. Do you run multiple side hustles at one time or do you focus on one main income stream and then maybe have hobbies?

This evening I went down a rabbit hole of YouTube and Google looking at Hobby level CNC machines and how I could create a cool headphone stand (i don’t even own headphones) but I know someone I could make one for. It would be cool.

Then I looked at more Beaver Builder and website ideas. Now I’m thinking about how to redo this site with Beaver Builder. I even bought a book of this problem I have and I haven’t finished it yet.

Pause for Sleep

It’s now Tuesday and while working today I started going down another rabbit hole. It started with an instant message yesterday about Panna Cooking. When I woke up I immediately started Google-ing “WordPress Marketplace Plugins” and I came across a post from Chris Lema (he pops up everywhere) More on this in the next post.

How many “Ideas” or “Iron’s in the Fire” do you have.

My current count:

  1. Full Time Job
  2. Diesel Brew Cold Brew Coffee
  3. Quick and Dirty Websites on WordPress
  4. Making fun objects on the Lathe
  5. Made an LED lamp (want to make another)
  6. Ordered some neat electronics from Adafruit and made a blinking LED thingy
  7. I want to buy an X-Carve (hobby CNC machine)

Oh, and I’m married with kids.

Phew, not enough time in the day. While I was finishing this post I thought of this song.



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