Do you want a Redesign? – Do it Yourself

I’ve been telling you that I was going to re-design with Beaver Builder for a little time now.

I finally started the redesign.

Things are going to look janky in some areas because I am going to do this over time and I am going to make a goal of screen recording every step in the process. The first video is uploaded and it is mostly the home pages with me making some mistakes and then setting up the header area. Follow along and learn that you can do this yourself.

It’s been a while since I have done live audio/video along with editing. This is the first video. I promise to try to make them shorter.

Products Used:

This first video and some of the later videos will be featured here. To get the whole series step by step, sign-up for free at Quick and Dirty Website free access. All the videos I create and will be a tutorial to go along with all the features you get at Quick and Dirty Website (a new project I am working on). There are no strings attached and you will have free access to all the content I post over there.




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