Facebook et al, is the Junk Food of Socializing

As you read yesterday I’ve stopped looking at Facebook and removed the app from my phone. I removed the Twitter app this morning because it was just as annoying.

What is great is Face to Face socializing.

Before Thanksgiving on the 18th was another Social Media Mastermind meetup. It was great seeing people there in person. I wish it was every saturday like it used to be. Every time I think that last thought I want to start my own Saturday morning meetup modeled after SMMOC.

I remember the days back in the dark ages of dial up. I would connect to the net through Tycos BBS and then would hang out in chat rooms and we would arrange a meetup in a local dive to put faces to all the screen names.

Did you hear that WeWork bought MeetUp? -> Link

The title of this post came from this post at Nautilus

Facebook is the Junk Food of Socializing

Get together with a friend instead. Your brain will thank you. 

Side Note:

I did consider going to Facebook to see if this post got anything. I doubt it though. I didn’t write it for FB’s algorithm and also I auto published which FB filters out so people don’t see it.

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