Social Media is an Attack on your Free Will

On Nov 11th 2017 I decided to stop looking at Facebook through the website and removed the app from my phone. I didn’t delete/deactivate my account. I simply decided to stop looking at Facebook. That day was day three into a NASTY cold that i didn’t completely shake until today.

In the void I started looking at Twitter again. Haven’t found anything of value lately. I don’t like how the feed is sorted now. I hate how I get notifications of stupid crap that is useless. I could give a crap less who “like” so-and-so’s tweet. I did try putting the app back on my phone. Meh

I have a couple of Instagram accounts. So I have opened that up a few times but nothing of value there, just some good pictures.

I’ve been browsing my feeds with Feedly more, reading more instead of skimming. I’ve been heavily browsing Reddit. I do consume a LOT of YouTube.

I taught myself how to make a halftone image with Photoshop to be able to send to my CNC machine and make a halftone image in wood and filled with epoxy.

What is the point of this post?

I plan on writing a blog post every day until the end of this year. Mainly to create a new habit.

I wanted to share this EXCELLENT article

Social Media is a Denial of Service Attack on your Free Will

Yes I shared this to Facebook and Twitter

The image is courtesy of the article at Nautilus

I have added their feed to Feedly

I have another post at Nautilus queued to read after I added their feed and browsed around their site.


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  1. El ralph on November 29, 2017 at 4:14 am

    Good read pinche

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