Making a T-Shirt Site is Even Easier

For a long time I have owned I bought this domain to give thanks to those that are just Fantastic Individuals who bring me joy every day.

I first built the site with WordPress, WooCommerce and Printful. Printful is a print on demand vendor. You upload your designs to them and then people can buy from you.

During the original setup in was bit time consuming to go through the whole process from design to live product on your site.

After you create design:

  1. Create Mockups in Printful
  2. Download Images
  3. Create Product in WooCommerce
    1. Lots of steps here with variations and what not
  4. Go back to Printful Dashboard and sync product
  5. And a few more steps in between each step where this whole process could take a while and was a pain

What it is like now to create a new product in Printful and WooCommerce.

After you create design:

  1. Go to Printful Dashboard
  2. Add product and upload design
  3. Choose colors/options/variations
  4. Create product

Step 4 is where the new magic happens.

It’s all automatic when you create the product. It just syncs everything back to your website AUTOMATICALLY. You can now start selling.

I spun up 3 designs since Sunday night (they are on Amazon as well). I was going to do another design tonight but I wrote this blog post instead.

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Loren Nason

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