The more things change, the more they stay the same

Over the weekend I received a comment on a video I posted 10 years ago and I went shopping in a retail store. It was so poetic that it reminded me of the famous quote by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr.

The more things change, the more they are the same.

The 10 year old video

10 years ago I uploaded a video to youtube. It has over 50k views (which amazes me). The video was explaining how to use the Address bar as apposed to the search bar/box. This past week I still had people searching for websites instead of going directly to them.

There is nothing wrong with it I guess. I just find it amazing how it is hard for people to type in an address directly instead they search for it and then go to the top result and the top result is not always the right result. It amazes me because it is less effecient and seems like a waste of time. The search engines love it because they get more traffic and hence more ad revenue.

Does it really matter? Prob not, but still a funny video of how people still struggle with basic usage of the things. Which means I always be able to help some poor soul find the Start Button.

Shopping at Fry’s

On Saturday I went shopping at Fry’s Anaheim, CA location. I remember when Fry’s on the weekend was a freaking zoo of people. Now Fry’s is a dead zone (at least this one)

Am I surprised? Not at all. Amazon / BangGood / Alibaba / etc have decimated the retail industry.

Did I buy what I was looking for at Fry’s? No, I didn’t really need it I just went to look at it. One thing ecommerce does not have (yet) is the ability to just go window shopping / browsing stores. I like going to stores and just looking at what is there.

I can’t wait for really good Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality Malls so I can walk around the Amazon store.

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