Learning to Walk Again

I’ve been having problems with proper shoes and my feet for over a year. I got close early fall to a solution but then it all went down hill in November.

Going back to finger shoes has helped. I don’t have a proper with a slow run/trot. I can do that properly on the balls of my feet no problem. What have been struggling with is walking. I still heal strike when I walk. I know it’s because of bad form and 25years of walking incorrectly.

I found this excellent video that really helps explain why my walking form has been bad and how to correct it. I’m making this post so I can go back to it.

More information on the windlass mechanism > https://www.physio-pedia.com/Windlass_test

The shoes I am using currently are the Merrell Trail Glove. They are great but causing me a bit of heal pain because i am heal striking. On tonigh’s walk I cheated and put my superfeet arch supports in and that was MUCH better. But I don’t think it is solving the gait problem and instead is just making it easier.

I was going to try a pair of Merrell Bare Access Flex 2 tonight. But the size I ordered was a size to small. I’ve noticed in my aging that most shoes even in 13 wide do not have a big enough toe box. The Trail Glove’s were 14’s. I sent back the Bare Access Flex 2 so I can get a 14. But before i do im going to work on the gait


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