Here I Sit all Broken Hearted ….

Came to Shit but only Farted.

I’m SOOO forcing this blog post. So I’ll just post thoughts of projects in my head.

Clawfoot bathtub.
I have drawings in my head of a laminated stacked plywood clawfoot tub that I will turn into a hot tub in my back yard.

Challenge Coins
These are fun and I am working on a new project. Stay tuned

Amazon FBA
My experiment with selling a product on Amazon was a success. I made money. I learned valuable lessons. Including a reminder that retail customers are mostly stoopid.

Intermittent Alternate Day Fasting
I’ve been watching youtube vids about this. I did a 16×8 last night/today. The funny thing about not eating is that when you try to force yourself not to eat you think more about eating. I want to get to a full day.

Watched the last half of a classic. Time Bandits


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