Finding a Blogging “Voice”

In the early days of blogging I had a reason to write stuff as I had stuff I wanted to share with others. I lost that voice a long time ago because I grew tired of sharing knowledge with others. I still to this day have limited desire to each anyone anything or show them how I do things or how they should be done.

Why Now (or some last year)

No exact reason. I have no desire to tell you how to do something. I’m not going to fix your tech problem. If you need advise on some sort of tech problem / solution / etc, I am not your guy.

I still do technology work but it is with a another firm and I do my work there. When the day is done I only fix or touch tech for a select few. I still do some WordPress work for a select few as well. But mainly do stuff for myself.

I still do have opinions and ideas I want to share. I just have grown tired of sharing and I am trying to get that voice back again.

Do I have something to Sell?

Right now, No. Most of my latest maker projects I have created I have given away for free. I make them and give them away because I don’t have any desire to sell them. I just want to make them.

Check out these cool chairs I made this past weekend.

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