For Fun or Profit (part 2)

To follow up with Saturday’s post of For Fun or Profit I am diving into why I don’t make videos.

Video production is hard

To do a quality video you have to plan it out. Sure, there are some people that can just create videos on the fly, upload them and then they get millions of views.

If you really look at these videos they usually aren’t off the cuff. They are scripted, planned and multiple takes.

After you shoot your video you need to edit the video and then get it uploaded somewhere.

Time consuming

This is a big part of the difficulty above. You have the plan your shoot. Setup your lighting and camera(s). Shoot the video. Copy the video to your computer. Edit the video. Publish the video.

I don’t really want to show you how

This really gets down to the nitty gritty for me. I don’t have any desire to plan to do something then add the extra variable of planning how to take video of the something.

Can it be easier?

I did find a easier solution for taking and editing videos on my phone. I used this mobile app called VLLO I made this silly little video on a DJI Mobile 3 tripod gimbal. It was shot with an iPhone X. The intro and outro bumper music was made by my brother.



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