For Fun or Profit

I like to make stuff. I mainly like to make stuff as an escape from everyday. IT work has lost it’s creativity a long time ago and I’m always looking for fun projects to make.

I also like to make things to experiment and look for new business opportunities. I did find a project last year that wasn’t making something but it was supplying a product I was using myself and selling it on Amazon. This was a fun learning experience of selling a product instead of a service.

Here is a fun project that was part fun, part selling something with a point of marketing that product. The coin is not for sale but I do have some available for free. I didn’t take any progress pictures but here is the final result.

To make the hand I went through this basic process.

  1. Went to Hobby Lobby and bought alginate kit and plaster kit
  2. Bought some buckets at Home Depot
  3. Made a mold of my hand
  4. Filled the mold with plaster
  5. Took some plywood scraps and made a geometric shape
  6. Carved a spot for the hand to sit
  7. Epoxied the hand into the base
  8. Carved a little spot into the index finger for the coin
  9. Finished!

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