Frustrated with a Project Leads to Solution

Today is Saturday. I went to Home Depot twice. I tried working on this project I have in my head and I’m still struggling with how to glue it up and what other tools I will need.

Now as I type this useless post I’m starting to think of a different way to assemble it so I don’t have to get a straight edge to glue it up. This new idea will cost even more but it may even look even more awesome.

I’m thinking to make the bottom of this thing kinda like a fake live edge river slab using maybe this technique that Build Dad Build did.

More Inspiration and Featured Image Source

While searching for a feature image I found this LED River Table from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture I then found this tutorial on adafruit so I can light up the base of a my project similar to the below pictures from this link Glowing Neopixel Resin River

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