Getting Into IT Industry (part 1 of ?)

A friend of a friend last SaturdayHere asked how he could get into the IT industry. He currently is in the construction industry and wants to transition to another career.


Half serious, I asked him why in the hell he want to get himself and get into IT and endure this torture. But it has been getting me thinking this week is how would someone transition. How could they practice / gain knowledge.

Where to begin?

I can’t say I have all the answers. But maybe I could use this as something to video myself about. Not for profit but for fun. Gives me something to keep learning about video editing.

But one thing I can think of is instead of getting a job to learn IT. Make it a side hustle and do IT. Is this possible? Get small contract jobs? I know there are youtube channels out there that say they can point you in the direction, but i don’t know if they really help or just fine tune those that already have the skills.

Certs don’t mean shit w/o skills

I did a quick search and I found these links

This one > 7 Tips for Getting Into IT With Zero Experience (i used their image for my featured image)

This one >
It was too long and boring, i didn’t read it. Maybe you might like it

This amazon book made me laugh as it makes me feel it is a scam.


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