Hipaa Compliant Forms for WordPress

I don’t do any WordPress work for pay. I may dabble from time to time looking at solutions. I was looking at a website today that was on Wix (ugh) and they had PDF forms for a medical information. It made me wonder if there was a HIPAA compliant add-on for Gravity Forms.

The Solutions Exists

The HIPAA FORMS plugin allows you to create web forms using Caldera Forms or Gravity Forms just like you would a simple contact form. A simple checkbox next to the form within the plugin admin interface instantly takes over your form, appends the form with a HIPAA Compliant badge and signature field where users can sign by dragging their mouse or with their finger on touch screens, and upon submit encrypts the data and pushes it to the HIPAA FORMS Service API which then stores it within a HIPAA Compliant storage solution.

Users with login credentials and the appropriate user roles (administrator or hipaa) can then log into your WordPress administrator dashboard and search/view the submitted forms and even generate an encrypted and password protected PDF file of the form which can then be printed or saved to a hard drive.

Yes, there is a cost

If you have to ask this question you don’t take your HIPAA compliance seriously. There is a free option to get started. If you need more than the free plan it is $55.00 per month (as I type this). SO worth it (if it works and it appears so)

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