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I don’t do any product promotion now or lately. I’ve “tried” (not really that hard) a little on this site. Years ago I was earning some decent referrals on webhosting and such. But it was always play money, I never took it seriously. This might change over time.

I get emails from Refersion. With Refersion you can use them to setup an affiliate program of your own or you can sign up with them to promote other’s products and earn some cache.

Affiliate Stores I Found Today

This links are not affiliate links

APRCH CBD Sparkling Water – Aprch mixes the characteristics of enhanced water, sports drinks with sparkling water. A dedicated wellness drink for people who need the benefits of vitamins, amino acids, focus & recovery without the high-caffeine or sugar levels that other drinks deliver.

Hella Good – The #1 Stain Remover PERIOD. I like this store because the name is cool. Well actually it’s Hella Good


Some of the links in all posts may be affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you end up purchasing their product or service. You will never pay more by using my link compared to what you would pay if you went directly to their website; in fact you may receive an exclusive discount. And it helps me keep the site running!

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