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I woke up this morning a little sore for from doing yard work this weekend. I stared at the screen for a couple hours, drank coffee did my yoga, took a shower, made breakfast.

I stared at the screen more and thought, damn I’m tired. I’m tired of all that has been going on. I haven’t made a post since mid December 2019 and DAMN, 6 months later and the World and USA has become a shitstorm.

  • Today marks (for us) the 11th week of this lock down (that is lifting)
  • A week ago today a Minneapolis cop killed George Floyd and as of today there are protests / rioters / looters in almost every town.
  • 25% unemployment (or more)
  • I’m still working
  • Sondra is still working
  • This half of the school year is a wash
  • We are lucky to be where we are
  • Toilet paper was in short supply in March 2020
  • Oh
  • My
  • Fucking
  • God!

What a day to start blogging again.

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