Treat your IT support with Respect

And they will do so in kind

I know us I.T. folks can sometimes (maybe a lot) be condescending assholes. But it isn’t because we think you are stupid (well some of you are). We are like this because we are surprised at home many times we have to answer the same stupid questions giving you the answers to help you fix / do things yourself. We understand there are some things you don’t know how to do and we will fix those things for you.

But seriously people the windows start button has been around for 25 fucking years. Can you not find the damn thing! I know it has changed it’s shape / color etc over the years but it is still there. </end this rant>

A Funny Story of a Idiot User

Picture the story. A user has a new printer in their office, 2 of them actually. One of them is not saving it’s settings and causing headaches for the user (we’ll call her Karen because she acts like one). Both of these printers have only been in place for approx 1 week.

When the error first popped up we fixed it (or so we thought). This was a Friday. Come Monday the problem resurfaced,  we tried again and thought it was done, done. this time. Now we come to Tuesday and the problem is back.

New drivers > nope
Remove and re-add printer > nope
Firmware is same on both printers (but out of date)
Let’s try firmware update on problem printer

While doing this work we were connected to the (l)users computer and the server. We see the (l)user open up teams and start typing a condescending message about how we suck and can’t fix their printer WHILE we are watching their screen. We kept are mouths shut since and just noted this. The (l)user is now so low on the list that a rock asking for help will get higher priority.

What should you learn from this? Don’t talk (type) shit about your support team while they are on watching your computer. We see what you type and do while we are connected. The (l)user did not actually send the message, i think they realized we saw it and deleted the chat message


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