What to Expect in IT

When you get into IT don’t expect it to be all sunshine and rainbows and getting to build cool shit. All that cool shit you learned in school will get pushed to the side. Most of you for a long while will be just fixing shit that breaks.

Want to only build and never fix?

HAHAHAHAHAH. It does happen and those type of jobs do exist, but even those jobs still require fixing stupid problems. Today I had to fix my own problem where this sites sharing connection to Facebook was broken. The last 11 posts haven’t published to my page. So I have attempted to fix it by disconnecting the connection and reconnecting. When I publish this I will find out if it works.

Building vs Fixing

In my opinion you have to know how to fix before you can really build. Getting that experience is hard for some. Myself and my co-workers have been playing/building tech stuff since before we were even able to have jobs.

But how you say to you fix before building? Easy, buy old computers and take them apart and fix them. Reinstall the operating system. Play with computers.

This is difficult

for me to even quantify how to get into IT. The process can be easy for some and hard for others. I’m going to explore this though a lot. It is interesting to me.

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