Manage Your Socials or Remove the Links

Social Media is a great way to connect with your target audience either by advertising or by interaction. The best would be a little of both. I was looking at a few websites trying to find a vendor for something I need. They all had something in common. Their social channels were dead. I looked at a customer’s site from work this evening also. Their FB page was semi dead, last post was May 4th 2020 and their LinkedIN link was to a “user” made to look like a business page.

I get it, you don’t have time while doing other more important “work”. I have two suggestions

Remove any social links from your website where you aren’t active

I mean really why tell someone to visit something if no one is home. It’s like telling a person to visit your brick and mortar store front but all the lights are off and the door is locked. What’s the point.

You tried twitter, it wasn’t for you. It’s cool. Just remove those links from your website!

Find someone to manage your socials

There many out there. So many.

I know you don’t know who to trust and you’re not sure if there will be any value. Trust me their is always value in paying someone to keep the store open so it looks like you are in business. I’m not going to guarantee that it will bring you new business in 2 week or 2 months. Growing your social garden and keeping it alive takes time to deliver a crop.

Here is one suggestion for you. Hire Bridget for Effective Facebook Management

Do one or the other, there is no in between.

I get it still, you are at the end of my rant and you still don’t know what to do.  I’ve said I’m not offering any services and I am still not. I wonder if you would pay for a block of time to ask me if you are doing it right or wrong and then give you suggestions. I’m not talking a blow smoke up your ass with fancy words and what-if’s. I talkin about getting to the nitty-gritty and tell you what I think. You may have an epiphany and you may end up calling me names, but stuff will get hashed out. As long as you don’t talk over me. hmmmmmm

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