Million Dollar Crystal Bath Tubs

Is this the Ultimate Luxury Bath Tub?

Found these stunning and beautiful bath tubs made from a single block of solid crystal. Now you can have the ultimate chakra stones to bring you inner peace while you soak your soul in these tubs.

All of the precious stone used for the baths were sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, from a 10 tonne (23,000 lb) chunk of rock crystal. The stones are taken to Florence to be carved by hand over hundreds of hours to create the smooth interior surface. The tubs come in three variations, green quartz, rock crystal and rose quartz.

To get one of these tubs you need to  buy a $10-$25 million dollar home in the XXII Carat Villa complex of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

The Artists > Baldi Home Jewels

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