No I will NOT clean up your Data

Time and time again a user/company wants me to clean up their shit (I mean data).

What the hell kinda crap is this?

  • You have files downloaded from 3 years ago and don’t know what they are?
    Delete them yourself
  • You have 42 copies of iTunes installer?
    Delete them yourself!
  • You have 468 copies of the same folder with the same data?
    Delete that crap yourself
  • You don’t know what the data is and it takes up 130gigs in your downloads folder
    Delete that shit yourself

Users are lazy. They fill up their hard drive and expect US to clean up their data. You save it there, you delete yourself.

Let’s pretend you paid someone to build and install a freezer in your garage. You then just keep filling that thing up with crap. Then one day you are out of room and some of that frozen crap is 4 years old. Do you call the builder/installer and make them clean it out for you? HELL F’ing NO! You don’t do this and this is what they would tell you to your face.

Take that analogy to data on your hard drive. Ya, I may have built the computer and delivered to you. And you may even pay me to fix things that don’t work.

You do NOT pay me enough to clean up your trash!

If you are gonna be a hoarder, don’t ask me to clean up your trash when you are out of room. If you are business owner and you have employees hogging data storage. Do something about it to lower your storage costs or at least keep them from creeping up over time because nobody takes out the trash.

If I do clean up your trash

I will do so with impunity. I would have no disregard to what you think is important. If you don’t like what I am doing then maybe you have should have done it yourself.


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