Prednisone, Chiro and Massage

About a year ago I was doing a yoga routing that is basically all standing poses (Stand Up 2.o from DDP Yoga). In the routine there is a position called Gorilla Pose (padahastasana). I’m pretty sure I did this wrong back in may and I wasn’t pulling/stretching my hammys but instead I rounded my back and tried to stretch that out and I felt a POP and i think I pulled a rib in my mid back.

For a while it didn’t really bother me, just momentary uncomfortable times here and there. I then drove/moved to NC in June and I was able to keep it at bay for the next 3-4 months until a trip to the comedy club where I sat all cock-eyed for the whole show.

I went to a chiro that I was referred to and he was nice and helpful mostly but was not forceful in the way I like. I’ve seen chiros for years off an on. Went I want an adjustment and I say pop the fucker back in place. That means do it… I know it will hurt but it will feel better. I just wasn’t getting what I wanted.  Over all I was feeling mostly better by Jan 2020

Then the ‘Rona happened. I was still excercising/yoga 5 days a week. Getting more and more limber. But then 2 weeks ago I think I slept wrong position and that spot just went and got really angry. Getting out of bed was hard, like OMG i feel like I’m 105 years old hard.

I pushed it off but kept saying I’m gonna go find another chiro and get a massage before/after adjustment. But then I started thinking it was my bed so I moved to the guest bed (not as fancy) and harder. I like hard mattresses. I was feeling pretty good by this last saturday. So i figured let’s go back to normal bed.

Wrong choice. By this morning I was dying. I had to slide out of bed so I could then get up and do an easy yoga routine to limber up. Yoga has always helped.

Once awake and finished procafinating I felt ok, but not well. I had some breakfast and took a steroid pill (damn i love that stuff). Called a new chiro and massage therapist that are next door to each other and setup appts.

DAMN, i feel so much better.

I don’t think I need to go back to the chiro but I am def going back for another massage on Aug 1st

Here is the Yoga video from this morning. I like this simple routine. The intro I found annoying, but very good routine.

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