Ultra Remote Walker River Hot Spring

This is a hot spring I haven’t been to and I need to make a point to hit this in the next few years. First we have the video review from one of my fave YouTuber’s > WonderHussy

I Google’d around and found the Lat Long > 38.489724,-118.974358

This is a Google Map of the directions > https://goo.gl/maps/KYwpDPJzB3NpbaoB9

I’m not sure how accurate it is but I made the directions based on the starting point from this post http://www.communitywalk.com/location/walker_hot_springs/info/15719. Cut and pasted below in case the site disappears.

From El Capitan Casino (free camping, water, and dump station) in downtown Hawthorne, go south on SR 359. Four miles out of town, turn right (west) on Lucky Boy Pass Road, a twisty turny steep road not suitable for large rigs. Go 18.5 miles and turn right (north) on possibly unmarked East Walker Road. Go 8 miles and turn left (west) on an unmarked road which becomes much narrower and rougher. Go 2 miles and turn right (north) on a rock strewn road. Continue 0.5 miles and bear left (the right fork heads into a wash) heading up to the top of the canyon.

High clearance 2 wheel drive can make it to this point; one could hike from there. Follow the very steep road down into the canyon, passing the remains of an old mine and a school bus. Continue heading down the wash until you reach the river. Turn left (upriver) and go 0.4 miles to the spring on the left, opposite the river.”

The other approach is northeast out of Mono Lake on the California side via 182/338. Both routes are difficult to describe so I’m going to work on producing GPX files for both of them to upload to mapping software and GPS receivers.

Found this from Cary and John on their motorcycle adventure to the springs:

Belfort and East Walker River Hot Spring …

I need to go see this one

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  1. Rick O'Brien on August 14, 2023 at 10:38 pm

    As of August of 2023 , the road (trail) is 4wd ONLY , and that is a stretch . The road was completely washed out back in the spring ,April ,2023 . There WERE a group of trees, cottonwoods , that were adjacent to the river , but when the flood waters came downhill , they totally washed anything away that was in its path , including boulders that were the size of VW’s !

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