Upgrades and Updates

This week I posted a cranky tech post of things you should do to your own site. This made me get moving on updating this site. I’m not done and it’s still in progress.

What I’ve added

I installed WooCommerce. I’ve put up a few products you can see below. You can’t purchase yet because I haven’t tested or turned the payment gateway live (Stripe of course)

What is to come

In my last post I said I was thinking about offering my advice where I can tell you “you’re wrong” and help you avoid spending money on things you shouldn’t.

I read Chris Lema’s post about creating your own Clarity.fm and Selling Advice Online where I can offer blocks of time for you to talk to me and I can advise you on anything you need. I can’t say I am a futures trading guru or an export in importing exotic wood species from overseas. Yes I have researched a tiny bit on importing wood from overseas.

I am considering buying and installing the setup he recommended.

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